Friday, May 12, 2017

Christmas in Spring

Embarking on a new book for a company that sells children's products. It's this fella again. I've obviously been good for his early arrival.

(copyright: DemandMedia/Jasmine Parker 2017)

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Tunnel Mural

Connecting Bellingham community to its local green space through art
inspired by nature

The rail tunnel at Lower Sydenham is a major link-way for locals to access a green space, the Riverwalk. My project idea is to transform the dark rail tunnel into a colourful work of art, to create an inviting entrance for residents to enter their local green area. From an initial art activity – painting a tunnel mural, designed and delivered with the Bellingham Gateway Youth Group’s help, the project aims to increase appreciation and access to nature, share art skills through the mural process, and encourage youth engagement with their local area through subsequent art workshops, culminating in a their own design for their computer room. This is just an idea, a suggestion in Photoshop of what the tunnel could look like painted with a nature inspired pattern.

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