Sunday, July 8, 2018

Cycling races in Flanders

This weekend I'm drawing fun maps for a book called the The Beast, The Emperor and The Milkman. Here is one from the cyclocross, named because of when the cyclist has to carry his bike on his back through mud.

Computer room Mural

In June I ran a workshop to gather ideas for an abstract design for the Bellingham Gateway Community Centre computer room. The juniors really got into the abstract drawing, the concept being pick your 3 favourite colours and doodle, have a look at some abstract references, pick some shapes and make a repeat pattern. With the senior I had a design meeting where we selected 4 paint colours and discussed the drawings and other abstract designs they liked. We loosely planned the design, they also chose icons to represent the juniors to go on the juniors wall and icons for the seniors which will be in black to form a pattern in spaces within the design. We are about halfway through the painting at this stage, but it's already looking much better than the beige before.

Young Makers Mural

I assisted a Young Maker from the Phoenix Housing Association based at the Green Man with her Silver Arts Award. I helped her to design, template up and paint mural boards for an interactive painting workshop at Bellingham Festival on June 30th. She was only 14, mid-exams and did really well.