Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fount mag

Why create: for unforeseen pleasure

A collaborative project by Fount Magazine caught my eye and I just got so curious. In Round 1 artists responded to the question 'how do we ignore the fear of failure to make something new'. I love the positivity in this question rather than how does it feel to procrastinate, what does it feel like to not do. 

In Round 2 different artists (I was one!) responded to the images created in Round 1. I was given a photo of a 3D modelled skate park. To me the artist has answered the question by saying that the unknown pleasure that can come from taking a risk and getting involved in the creative process is the reason why we make. 

I decided to do a large mega fun park area to expand and develop this metaphor. I was keen to test my traditional stipple and ink line drawing on modern subjects like skate park jumps and slides. I really enjoyed the process and for me it was the pure joy of creating. Thanks Fount Magazine!

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